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Skype – Talk. Chat. Collaborate.

Don’t Just Hear the Cheers, See Them! for Android Skype
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Skype is without a doubt the most popular and most widely used video calling app across the world. Be it for personal use or for professional use, this app is the best way to communicate with everyone and anyone.

Skype APK gives one the ability to engage in High-Quality HD video calling easily from our phones. Be it a one to one call or a group call, users can add up to 24 people on a single call. Moreover, one doesn’t have to pay for calling, even if it’s calling internationally.

Once you install the Skype app on your Android device, you simply have to create an account, log on and start adding any contact or friend you want to communicate with. Once they add you back, you can start your conversation! Not just video calling, but Skype also allows us to instantly message other people and have a chat with them.

There are a number of emojis, stickers, and gifs available on Skype for Android devices to make your conversation more interesting. Voice calling is also very easy with this app and has the same HD-Quality as a video call would. Apart from a call to another user on Skype, one can even make calls to landlines and other phones at cheaper rates.

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We can share all media, be it photos or videos, from our gallery or take them straight from the app itself. The media which is shared with us by another user can also be saved to our own gallery. Users can create a group with up to 300 people on Skype and hold conversations with them altogether.

The Skype latest version allows users to share their screen while communicating with another user to explain some protocol, or share a design or show how to work on some software. The images being shared can be decorated with some text or emojis to express your feelings in a better manner.


  • High-quality video and voice calling for free.
  • Interesting ways to instant message others.
  • Sharing of multimedia with a lot of ease.
  • Individual or group conversations.
  • Add-ins like gifs, emojis or stickers.
  • Connect with others even if they use a different platform.
  • Favourite & regular contacts in a separate tab.
  • Create calendar events as reminders.
  • User-friendly and easy to understand interface.

With the help of Skype 2019, people can not only communicate with others in distant places but do so with maximum ease and comfort. This app makes the whole experience of communication much more enjoyable and interesting.

Name: Skype – Talk. Chat. Collaborate.
Developer: Skype
App Version: v8.35.0.71
App Size: 31.3 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 6.0 & Higher
Category: CommunicationUtilities
License Type: Free
Downloads: 1,000,000,000+

Download Skype APK Free for Android devices to gain access to an attractive interface which is the best and most convenient solution to interact with others and also share your special moments with loved ones.


  • Android version 6.0 or above.
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Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

Best File Sharing App that Supports All Platforms!



Zapya APK
5.7.1 for Android Dewmobile, Inc.

Zapya is a comprehensive and all-in-one file sharing tool which allows you to easily send and receive any file from one device to another. It is a fast, efficient and effective application to have in our phones with a transfer speed which is almost 200 times that of Bluetooth.

Zapya APK works effortlessly without the need of any cables or USB connections and shares even large files very quickly. Even large files like long videos or full movies can be transferred in a matter of seconds. There is a separate screen for images, videos, apps, and audios respectively and you simply have to choose the file and press send.

The Zapya app allows users to share files via three different modes. You can create a direct wireless connection and send files to someone, you can create a group of people and send files together or you can even scan the QR code of the device you wish to connect with.

The app also has a built-in viewer which allows users to preview the files from within the Zapya for Android devices itself. The app is compatible with almost all platforms be it Android, iOS or PC and doesn’t use the wifi or data connection. The two devices simply need to have the app installed and they can start sharing.

Download APK File

Another feature causing many people to engage in the Zapya App Download is the fact that users can connect with other people on the same platform and see what they are sharing. They can also view the latest and hottest videos around the world, all from within the app. The feature of offline chat lets users converse with others on the same platform.

The app is perfect for people who have discarded their old phone for a new one as it takes a back up, replicates all the data and effortlessly transfers it to the new device. Zapya Android app also lets one install new apps by simply copying their APKs onto the application.


  • Quick and super fast sharing of files.
  • Send even large files in a matter of minutes.
  • Easily transfer files across different platforms.
  • QR code scanner to connect with others.
  • Innumerable streaming of videos on the app.
  • Chat offline with others from within the app.
  • No hassles of cables and wired connections.
  • Replicate and backup phone data with ease.
  • User-friendly and simplistic interface.

Zapya File Transfer is a very useful one to have in one’s arsenal as it is much more efficient and workable than conventional sharing methods like Bluetooth and USB connections.

Name: Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing
Developer: Dewmobile, Inc.
App Version: v5.7.1
App Size: 9.7 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: Tools > File Managers
License Type: Free
Downloads: 50,000,000+

Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing
Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing
Developer: Dewmobile, Inc.
Price: To be announced

Download Zapya APK for Android devices to seamlessly share data and transfer files with your friends and family, either one by one or even all at once.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.
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A Perfect Mini ‘Pocket Television’ for Your Smartphone!



KrakenTV APK
1.4.5 for Android KrakenTV

KrakenTV is a perfect application, here to revolutionize the world of Television. It allows us to watch all our favorite channels effortlessly from our small Android devices and can rightly be called a mini ‘Pocket Television’.

KrakenTV APK can help users browse through an endless list of channels and watch whatever they like the best. It provides all movie and entertainment channels, news, sports, music and everything else a regular television would provide for you.

The best advantage is that a person is not required to sit stationary in front of a television box and can take the KrakenTV V2 with them wherever they go. Be it watching a movie in a long journey or simply catching a quick peek at the news before office, this app provides it all.

Kraken TV App has a very simple installation process and does not even require the user to download any extra files, documents or extensions. After installing the app, one can straightaway start watching the programs on the channels. Kraken TV APK is compatible with your mobile phones as well as your tablets and only needs a wifi or data connection to work.

Download APK File

Another useful feature is that the Kraken TV for Android makes available channels from different countries as well such as the United States, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and also Spain. So one is not only limited to channels of their own country but gets a worldwide view of the trending topics.

The menu is very simplistic and one can easily browse through all the channels according to the category. You can sort by the channels of your country, movie channels or those that play only music. Moreover, Kraken TV allows users to select certain channels as their favorites which they can later easily access from the ‘Favourites’ tab.


  • Streams all the popular and latest channels.
  • Channels of US, Spain & Latin American countries also available.
  • Sorted according to categories.
  • Easily browse through the user-friendly interface.
  • Set certain channels as favorites.
  • Works on data or wifi connection.

Another major reason for multiple cases of Kraken TV App download is that the app also has a ‘Chromecast’ feature so that if you’re just sitting at home and wish to watch a channel not available on our TV, you can do so via the app.

Name: KrakenTV
Developer: KrakenTV
App Version: v1.4.5
App Size: 31.79 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: EntertainmentOnline TV, Movies and Series
License Type: Free
Downloads: 900,000+

Download Kraken TV for Android devices to effortlessly watch television on a portable device and be entertained and educated wherever and whenever.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.
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VidMate – HD Video Downloader & Live TV

Easily Download Videos & Audios from Anywhere on the Web!



VidMate APK
3.5801 for Android Vidmate Studio

VidMate is one platform where users can download videos and audios from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and many more. The network speed isn’t the same all the time and while we watch videos there is a lot of buffering, to overcome this VidMate app has launched to download videos for offline.

VidMate APK lets the user download the quality of the video according to the space available. Not only videos of different quality but also the audio files can be downloaded in VidMate Android app.

VidMate allows the users to download games and apps for your Android mobile from within the VidMate app for Android. The user can download videos simultaneously and watch them offline. The quality of the videos varies from 120p to 1080p.

VidMate Video Downloader is a user-friendly app where one is allowed to navigate to their favorite videos. It uses the maximum speed of your internet connection and downloads the videos faster. It allows only trusted sources, so one needn’t have to bother about the virus and the other problems.

Download APK File

VidMate secures your personal videos and stores them in a secondary file where one can access through only with a passcode. Users can enjoy watching live TV streaming from within the app. VidMate APK 2019 doesn’t need a Google account for signing in.

The user can pause and resume the downloading process anytime when they want through VidMate App APK. The video streaming is set as default for even more faster downloads. The trending videos and the most downloaded videos will appear in the home screen.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Download any videos in HD quality.
  • All videos format downloads are available.
  • Live TV streaming.
  • Download any video at the highest speed.
  • Allows only trusted sources for downloading.
  • Downloads multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Secures private videos with the password.

VidMate for Android is free and safe for downloading any HD quality videos. A lot of tools are available in the latest version which hikes the quality of the video and increases the speed of the download.

Name: VidMate – HD Video Downloader & Live TV
Developer: Vidmate Studio
App Version: v3.5801
App Size: 9.1 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 & Higher
Category: Multimedia > Video and Audio Downloaders
License Type: Free
Downloads: 30,000,000+

Download VidMate APK for Android devices to keep yourself updated with the new videos and movies from any social networks. Download VidMate app to enhance your viewing experience right from your mobile phones or tablets.

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